Treatment of children

  • Treatment of the whole family is one of the basic conditions for successful child care. Parents who are well-informed about the principles of prevention and dental hygiene can pass on these habits to their children. We communicate with children as equals and we always say things directly.
  • Fluorescence and infravision diagnostics is a real benefit in the prevention of the development of dental caries, because it is not possible to detect small areas of caries by sight or X-ray, e.g. in the interdental spaces or on the biting surfaces.
  • We pay attention to maximum quality in children’s teeth as well, in order to eliminate possible future problems in the early adulthood of a child patient.
  • We use magnifying optics to treat your children’s teeth – Heine binocular loupes and a Leica dental microscope.
  • Below you will find an indicative price list of procedures